Algery: the nation which triumphs on terror yihadist

The purpose of this article is respond as Algery dealing with the brutal residual terrorism of 90’s. A phenomenon that leads to asking: Who are these new terrorists? How are organized? Who is financing terrorism in Algery?, How and with what method? What are its benefits? and, What is the strategy for an efficient fight against terrorism in Algery?

Note: [This is an automatic translation from Spanish original]

After the dark years of 1990, civil war, with 200,000 dead, and the Politics of National Reconciliation of President Bouteflika (debatable according to some opinions), a respectable lull gave hope to the Algerian people, but fear and anxiety then returned to the faces of recent and spectacular terrorist attacks that have rocked the 2007 and 2008 in northern Algeria,

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